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Importance of Software Development for Countries


One of the most important items of global capital is undoubtedly the technology… Even if you have strong defense industry, advanced in agriculture and health, if your technology is not developed enough, you are also behind the world in all these areas.  Even though the word technology stands for a wide range of terms alone, the key word in the background is software… The software industry, which is one of the leading sectors of the new economic system focused on technology and knowledge, is of great importance in the development of countries.

While the companies with biggest turnover in the world are developing as a result of informatics and software, the economic policies of the countries are moving in this direction. The technology developed by developed countries has become the sector with the guidance of these countries. The active role of these countries in the development of technology has led to the monopolization of the business and the dominance of certain brands. However, over time, software development, or aka coding, has become one of the most valuable professions of the 21st century. While countries invest in technology and then human to develop their own software, India made a serious breakthrough in software in this environment where competition was ruthless and became a model for less developed countries.
In spite of its crowded population, limited industrial power, and non-fertile agricultural land, India is a rising country in the field of technology. Indian companies in this field attract attention with their astronomical turnovers. Indian software companies, which had a turnover of $ 12 billion in 2001, had a total income of $ 87 billion in 2008. The IT industry in India provided job opportunities to a total of 3 million IT employees, and as a result of a survey conducted in 2017, one Indian company managed to become one of the top 10 IT companies in the world.

Under the term “national software”, begun to be expressed in the last 5 years, lays these developments. Industrial espionage, cyber intelligence and the need for software by public institutions have opened the door for the government to invest in this area. Using non-native software for the vast majority of public institutions in Turkey made it difficult for the storage of confidential information of the state. This situation led to the need for domestic software, and we can see the steps that are taken in this direction in recent years. According to the data announced by TUBISAD, in 2016, excluding the mobile phone market, while IT software exports amounted to TL 2.041 billion, 56% of this export was made to the Middle East and Africa market. In 2023 targets of Turkey, it is expected to reach 50% use of domestic products, and for IT sector to reach 8% of GDP.

As of 2018, S9Vision software developed by Sistem 9 in the field of digital signage is used in 20 countries. From this point of view, it is possible to say that our country has done its best in a promising area.